Nurse, nurse, could you open the window please…

Just the other day I was wandering the NHS walk ways into the ward of the hospital where my friend Neil is staying. And I was most astonished to embark upon a young female nurse kissing another young female nurse on the cheek. Such an event could cause quite an uproar I have to say. My mind is quite in a haze even now, a whole week later.


Quote from reading….

‘Who’s that tapping at the window?
Who’s that knocking at the door?
What’s that face in the darkness?
What’s that creeping cross the floor?
Police? Parents? Pregnant?
Never felt like this before.
Come on now, tell me who’s out there!
“Hi Kids, Captain Paranoia”

An extra supernerdythatcherbreathfascist point, a sludge of a hallucinogenic dairy product, and a half price kick in the face goes to anyone who is inane and boring enough to name the book I am reading…