Iron bar… (adult themes)

Helping very small children inflict a decent amount of pain.

Resolves most arguments.

A temporary quick fix pain killer.

Makes you appear ten times bigger and harder, And your money back (or else).

Gets you other peoples stuff free of charge.

Helps you dodge que’s in any number of situations.

Your local Police armed response unit not turning up fast enough….

Have no where to stay tonight and a police cell seems luxurious?

Is a good source of iron in your daily diet.

A good alternative to more expensive sleep inducing products (also see for pain killer when morning arrives).

Your Mum will just not shut up about you getting a job / wife / baby / etc.

A good way to show who is boss in an office situation.

Make friends with fear and respect.

Can’t afford pet food? No more pet, no more worries…

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