Physciatrist mafioso…

Today, oh ho, I went to see a psychiatrist, who oddly enough is named Dr Lynch. In the last few years I have had quite a few problems with him and some others who are supposed to care for me. I could have easily paid a lot of tax in this country by now if it was not for their incompetence. Although to be fair I live off the tax payer as I am yet to be functional. Anyway I was in the waiting room ripping up any posters on the wall that implied I could get the help I wanted that I can not, I sat down. Then passed the waiting room walked passed a rather large thuggish looking man with slightly auburn hair. This man looked like one of the bosses from final fight or something, massive. I thought this was strange as I was planning to break the Dr’s legs, however my friend and I are swapping flats and I would like to get settled before going in and put of hospital or prison. The Dr arrived soon after and I walked up the corridor with him, I came into the room and sat down. He came in then his phone rang and he went outside the room briefly and then came back in and said it was people calling him about “health insurance”, I was thinking is this guy like a psychiatrist or a mafioso. We had a talk, there was lots to discuss and there are a few things that I have been lied to about, harassed, neglected, and headfucked etc etc. And always they try to hide these things under the shadow of psychosis when I am more a traumatised person with asperges or something. It seems hopeful what he says he will do but I have been let down enough times. I mentioned they should read some psychiatry magazines and go on staff trips like waterslides and zorbing and things. I walked out and said goodbye, when I left the main entrance the beefcake guy walked in just as I was walking out. Which looked pretty fucking suspect. Anyhow you may judge but I have complained, discussed, shouted at people, caused criminal damage and been through a lot without help I should be getting, they do not listen and do not allow me to complain or take me seriously. And well it worked for Nelson Mandela and everyone loves him. I hope things will work out a bit better now, I was always a good person before all of this…

2 thoughts on “Physciatrist mafioso…

    • Well writing about dead magpies and Nelson Mandela in this context is highly irresponsible of me really. Considering how some people mat act, I think we kinda got it sellotaped in place for now though.

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