I am not…

Just a dildo accessory, that you can pull from the draw of imagination when your feeling a little moist and lonely.

Just a toy for you to feed, fuck, sit on my face and then after you have fed me some cereal the next morning,  send me  home to be back at your beck and call whenever you feel like it.

Just a voice on the phone to feed your fantasy of an ever ready cock with no other purpose than to please your bodily desires.

I am a real person, with real needs and a flair for affection and love and companionship.

Although that would be kind of brilliant.

My hair looks really not OK today, something Must Be Done!
At some point, soon.
Really soon.
Maybe tomorrow then, yeah tomorrow, or just whenever I feel like it.
When I just kind of do it at some point soon.
Or a little later maybe.
When I am ready…

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