The return of the overweight menstrating lesbians…

Two overweight menstrating lesbians were together in the bath, with a thin but fine layer of lavender scented bubbles, in a huge and dim candle lit bathroom, sharing a bottle of the finest champagne to the sounds of the smoothest and most romantic music imaginable.
One overweight menstrating lesbian said to the other overweight menstrating lesbian “Oh for fuck sake, do you really have to fucking bleed EVERYWHERE!”. The other overweight menstrating lesbian replied to the original overweight menstrating lesbian “Fuck off you Cunt”.
Then the other other overweight menstrating lesbian looked at her self in the mirror stood near the bath and thought to herself “Hey, hang on just a minute, I am not supposed to be in this joke”, she stared at her naked body and for one time in her whole life did not feel out of place or insecure, and did not feel so bad about having to be alone at night.

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