Time Travel…

Two dinosaurs were chilling out on top of a hill by a time-space portal,  chatting about the week thus far, which was the usual routine for a Sunday morning.

All of a sudden with a flash of light, bleeps, blops and warb warb sounds, a middle aged male Victorian explorer teleported through the time portal in the most aristocratic attire and a decent English accent.

“Excuse me there good fellows”, he said politely, “Do you happen to know which period we are in?”

The first dinosaur let out an almighty roar as the other reached down and bit into his head and severed it roughly and quickly from the rest of his body, leaving blood gushing from his neck and his body in a epileptic type seizure.

“Well then”, said the first dinosaur, “I think it must be time to head to church.”

So they wandered down the hill together at a slow and tranquil pace towards the village.


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