Slightly Profound Man and The Two Blondes…

There were two hot teenage blonde girls outside a shop trying to help each other look old  to buy some vodka.
One hot teenage blonde girl said to the other hot teenage blonde girl “Your Mother is so ugly, th th tha that she has to like wear loads of make up”, the other hot teenage blonde girl said to the first young hot teenage blonde girl “Well your mother is so immensely fat, be be because she eats to much, as ever since your father died she has felt really sad and does not open up to anyone, and you never really talk to her and I actually think that’s really cruel, and you could at least maybe give her a hug and ask her how she is once in a while”.
Meanwhile Slightly Profound Man is heading the the very same shop to buy this months copy of ‘Hot Blonde Teenage Girls’ magazine.
One hot young teenage blonde says to slightly profound man.
“Hey Guy, could you pleaseeee get us some vodka, you can come and hang out with us, pleeeeease”
Slightly profound man says “Well do you think destiny is limited by a predefined set of actions, and therefore there is no such thing as freedom”.
The other hot teenage blonde girl says “Yeah, whatever, you gonna get us some vodka”.
Slightly Profound man says “No I am a responsible citizen, clearly you are underage”.