Quote from reading….

‘Who’s that tapping at the window?
Who’s that knocking at the door?
What’s that face in the darkness?
What’s that creeping cross the floor?
Police? Parents? Pregnant?
Never felt like this before.
Come on now, tell me who’s out there!
“Hi Kids, Captain Paranoia”

An extra supernerdythatcherbreathfascist point, a sludge of a hallucinogenic dairy product, and a half price kick in the face goes to anyone who is inane and boring enough to name the book I am reading.


“Do you wanna call me up and talk to me” I whispered. “Yes please” she responded in her sweet voice, with a stress on the word please. Which of course brought a tiny hint of smiling to the gloomy lack of emotion that regularly transmits of the reflections of light from my face. Although for what it was worth, to me, it really was a smile. Just I doubt anyone else could really tell…… Even if I was just at home staring endlessly into the walls or the floor. Even if I was face to face with someone I could feel passionately about, who may even make my life seem worthwhile. The arduous journey continues, in the obscure voided blistering fashion that it always did… Albeit with a tiny glimmer of distant hope, for the first time in 32 years. Which is exactly my age along with the time since my last reluctant birthday.


Me I’m not one for prayer
See I be hope impaired
N I care for the live
Still is me lone and bare

For my wares I stare less
Into lands are manless
No evil is organised
Just lies to impress

No life is no fair
So why be unfair
Got to even the balance
Show we are there

Sentience standards
Confess do you dare
Do you know a priest
Or a place with one chair

for who release–love
Renew, cover up
If you no have
Allah or Jesus n stuff

Quick drunken hit chocolate recipe

Quick late night drunken hot chocolate recipe………………… Ingredients…. 4 teaspoons of Cadburys hot chocolate powder. Some sliced and slightly sliced again sideways root ginger. Three day old forgotten little scraps of broccoli. 1 Mug of full fat milk. Method…   slice some ginger root off and then slice the slices sideways a few times. Chuck them in saucepan along with forgotten remains of three day old broccoli from whatever the hell it was you were cooking the other day. Place one mug of full fat milk in the pan on a low heat for ten minutes or until the milk starts bubbling over everything and messing up the place or the neighbours call the fire brigade. Place 4 teaspoons of the chocolate powder in your mug. Pour a tiny bit of the hot milk though a tea strainer or somethin. Then stir for ages or until all the lumps have gone. Then add enough milk through the tea strainer or somethin to fill the mug and stir again. Turn the gas or electric off at your appliance to avoid impending doom and funeral expenses. Enjoy!

Pain in the name

Pain in the name I certainly took the long tour – certainty is gained lost love, am I but a whore – Insane or am I righteous, what were we for – I never wanted fights; just something like more – but you knew, you threw your fits,you gave me that shit – left me in the pits – now I’m getting sick or sorted out, without tricks – No sticks no stones – I didn’t break any bones – alone getting tempted take man who cause woe – Wicked side I know well – I no tell I dispel – ride it out pass go – go past flames of hell – telling signs define sighs – maybe cry my tears dry – oh well never mind – lines of fate realigned – as the light can be bright – I lose might I take fright I take faded insight – mistakes ‘ll shed light – will I wake will I break I stand firm with my height taking days into days into ways to play right


Easily I’m lost in the wonderment
Frozen free in words
I hear a thousand voices vent
Descent into still verse

Represent in picture minimal
Still souls of people heard
Maketh they the obstacle
They make me be absurd

Penguin joke and sit on my face

Penguin joke…

Two penguins at the bar. The bar man asks them what they want. One penguin looks to the other. For a while there is an undeniable air of compassion between the two penguins. This air of love soon turns to a slow sensual and passionate kiss. Then they stop. One looks to the other, sighs, then looks to the floor and waddles off to the toilet. Then other penguin then looks at the barman and says… “I’ll have a pint of guiness and a gin and tonic please, or er and some cheese and onion crisps if you have any”

Sit on my face

I bit I’d lick it hit it
sit on these here lips
We can fit out and
Obliterate the tension in those hips
Arouse the nips
Devour quick/slow
the situation well you know
Trip out the light no need to fight
Strip me I’ma stay down low

Whips an slaps real quick no crash
Like a flash for the splash
Still much more on the ass
No need to get nasty
Just slap me real hard
As if you gonna ask me
No don’t be leavin no scars
N we be show great regard
For our form bla bla bla
Blablabla blablabla
Blablabla blablabla