Urinating in a public place in the day time is really really bad. However in the night time it is quite socially acceptable if done discreetly and slightly out the way. Although generally a drunken habit, it is far more fun to practise when you are sober.  And for those feminist pop phycologists among you; I have had a chat (or mutual grunting sessions) with a few domestic animals and everyday sociopaths, I can conclude that it is nothing whatsoever to do with marking territories, it is more just a way of saying hi to one another at a distance, like them old guys with their radio handles and whatnot. Plus it makes you feel like you may be a werewolf. If you urinate in public places at night when sober as a common hobby or pastime, you may find yourself conversing with certain types of mammals (including humans) in grunts and groans sometimes, it’s just part of the whole scene you know…

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